What is my commitment as a PLACE GCSE parent?

In GCSE terms, fundamentally PLACE EHE parents are in charge of their youngsters’ GCSE learning and progress, albeit they are helped in this with measures of PLACE support.  Such support includes textbook loans via the PLACE library and critical student attendances at specialist-supported fortnightly GCSE sessions.  These sessions focus upon key syllabi areas, as well as helping to structure learning and setting work to be covered  at home between taught sessions.  PLACE learners are assisted in their preparations for GCSE examinations with a mixture of specialist input and targeted work/reading, to be completed at home under the supervision and with the guidance of their home educating parents. Registered youngsters are entered for all of their GCSE examinations free of charge.

At GCSE level, PLACE parents’ roles involve ensuring that learners get to all of their taught sessions punctually, prepared and “ready to learn”; supervising the completion of necessary reading and set work between taught sessions; making sure that their youngsters have required resources and are guided and supported when learning at home.  PLACE’s specialist-led GCSE sessions average one hour per week – clearly, much learning and significant work have to take place at home with the encouragement and input of PLACE parent-teachers if learners are to succeed in their GCSE examinations.

In terms of PLACE’s busy enrichment programme available to all registered youngsters, parents need to ensure that their children attend all agreed sessions regularly and on time, having completed any learning required, depending on the nature of the activity.  Songs, violin music or scripts for drama performances may need to be rehearsed at home, for example, if youngsters are to keep up during sessions and achieve their best outcomes.