What support does PLACE provide?

There are two main kinds of support available: firstly, PLACE runs a very busy enrichment programme that has evolved over many years in accordance with the wishes and requests of registered EHE parents.  The programme enables PLACE’s home-educated youngsters to access a stable and thriving community that meets regularly each week to share a variety of learning and social experiences.  Regular activities include, for example, classes in swimming, gymnastics, trampoline, multisports, drama, art and French; choir, musicianship, violin and music-theory sessions.  There are excursions, workshops and additional art activities linked to a theme chosen each term by PLACE parents.  PLACE families have shared many residential excursions together and regularly engage in sporting activities such as skiing and snowboarding, and in theatre and museum visits.

Secondly, PLACE enables youngsters to access bench-marked national tests culminating in examinations in a minimum of five supported GCSE subjects including maths (higher or foundation level), English and English Literature.  There is access to practical GCSE work, particularly in sciences, and to specialist tutorials in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, GCSE Art, Religious Studies and French.  Many PLACE youngsters have been able to take Trinity Arts Award projects and to access other certificated awards through programme provisions.