Our Library

All PLACE registered families are able to join the PLACE library. There is a £10 joining fee that enables each library family to borrow 10 items at a time. The library has a range of maths, English and science textbooks to support learning from KS1 through to GCSE; many families find these series helpful in providing a structured approach to learning in the core subjects.

The library contains a wide selection of history, science, nature, music, languages and art reference books, as well as a small number of children’s picture books and various reading-scheme materials. To support learning in science, PLACE has a number of “science boxes” prepared by an enthusiastic parent to provide equipment such as electricity kits, rocks and separating materials. There is a wide range of textbooks in the library for the core subjects – you can  download a summary of these here.

Some useful resources, e.g., dictionaries, themed items and early-years reading materials, are occasionally made available to families either free of charge or at a highly subsidised cost. Families can suggest suitable resources for inclusion in the library if they feel these would enhance their own children’s learning as well as that of other PLACE youngsters.