PLACE operates a very busy enrichment programme of activities chosen by parents, including weekly sessions in gymnastics, trampoline, swimming, multisports, French, drama and music.  There are also regular age-appropriate classes in art: “Art Sparks” for children from 4+ and “Young Artists” up to age 13 (all run by a professional artist), as well as GCSE Art classes for older children.  In addition, PLACE works to a suggested theme (agreed by its Committee members) each term, building up a programme of some themed excursions, workshops, art sessions and other activities to encourage shared learning and assist understanding of the term’s chosen topic.

PLACE Committee and parents meet throughout the year to plan and agree themes and activities for future terms and are always keen to implement exciting new ideas to encourage PLACE children’s development and learning.


At one of its recent meetings, the PLACE committee discussed online safety for kids.  With this in mind, we investigated how PLACE parents might help to protect their youngsters from the very real threats to their well-being that exist online. 

Click here for a link to a comprehensive and excellent Government website and click here for a link to another site about keeping kids safe online – as well as when they are using their I.T.  PLACE parents will find the site’s information both useful and highly informative.  It includes guidance and a step-by-step guide on how to set controls on your child’s devices.

If any PLACE parents have additional guidance around online safety that they would like to share with other parents in our PLACE community, please email Info@PLACE-Programme.org with details. 

We have a webpage on the PLACE site where you can access the above links along with lots of  additional links and information about online safety – and a hard copy of a Government PDF publication is available on request from TOP. 

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