PLACE will be launching fresh Tuesday-music sessions from January 2020 led by Debs Milton, who previously ran a year’s very-popular maternity music-cover for PLACE.  Deb’s background is primarily in musical theatre – she won a 3-year singing scholarship to study voice, singing and drama at the prestigious Mountview Theatre School in London that led to a career not only  in singing but to many performances in musicals, as an instrumental player, as a professional actor, to work as part of an Abba tribute – and, later, having become a mum to two children, to regular teaching, of course,.  A special career highlight for Debs has been regular singing with “The String of Pearls Orchestra” (click on the link to find out more), who were asked on one occasion to perform for Jose Carreras for his after-show party at The Royal Albert Hall.  Debs’ has a broad teaching background in all things musical: for many years, she ran her own pre-school music classes, both privately and at several nurseries around the area.  She taught singing at Samuel Whitbread Upper School and at Robert Bloomfield Middle School for many years, coaching several young people through their GCSE music and one learner through her ‘A’ level music.  She led an after-school singing club at Robert Bloomfield School too, and has also run various drama clubs.


PLACE’s new music sessions in spring 2020 will commence on 7th January and will run from 9.30am to 11.00am each Tuesday morning during term, comprising a first hour “Create Music” followed by a 30-minute “Zany Choir” session.  The focus throughout the sessions will be on exploration of the diversity and richness abundant in the world of music.  There will be a warm welcome for all keen PLACE youngsters up to the end of Year 9  who are open to, and keen to enjoy, musical learning of all kinds. 

Over the coming terms, Debs plans to incorporate:

  • Learning about different genres of music
  • Visits on occasional Tuesdays from exciting musicians, young and old – sometimes with a dancer popping in too!
  • “Concoct a Composition”
  • Song writing
  • Musical games that will help youngsters’ comprehension of rhythm, pitch, etc
  • The “Recycled Orchestra” (youngsters will make their own instruments and play them as a band)
  • Joining in “Zany Choir’s” fun, exciting and enjoyable songs that aim to inspire and entertain
  • Musical movement  
  • Fun music quizzes
  • Musical cultures and world music, to include the rhythms and instruments of different countries from sambas to sitars!
  • Spoken music, the poetry of rap.
  • “Rhythmic Lego”
  • “Orchestral Treasure Hunt”
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