Would our family get any actual money for our children’s education?

No. The money will be administered by BISCC, PLACE’s partner school, and by the PLACE Programme Manager, who will consult with parents of PLACE children. If there is anything in particular that parents and their elected Committee feel would be useful in educating PLACE children, they should ask!  It may be possible to use funding to purchase items that will benefit not just individual families but potentially all of the children in the group.  Having said this, PLACE funding will free up family money we would otherwise have used to buy materials, classes, etc., for our home-educated children so, in effect, we would have more cash at home.  We would then be able to use that money for individual expenses that PLACE cannot fund.

Is there any funding for non-PLACE-children?

At this point, to the best of our knowledge, there is no funding available for local home-educated children other than through PLACE.  Bedford Home Educators’ last funding payment from the BRCC had to be stretched to last over two terms instead of one, and money ran out.  If anyone knows of any possible source of alternative funding, please let us know.

Can PLACE provide faith-based resources

PLACE will not be able to provide any faith-based resources. If PLACE was allied to a faith-based school, we would be legally obliged to provide resources that promoted the faith-base of that school, whether Christian, Muslim or other. We are allied to a school that, although it teaches about religion, is by governor-decree secular, and we are legally obliged not to promote any particular religious outlook. This is in any case for the best, as PLACE families have a wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds. We will concentrate on non-religious resources that can benefit all members of the scheme.

Would we have to use the workbooks/texts on offer through PLACE?

No. As the PLACE scheme develops, it will offer various resources to us, but we do not have to take them. We can choose which (if any) of the provided resources we want to use. We can continue with our own curricula if we prefer.

The only exception to this is at GCSE level, where students need to use the textbooks recommended by their GCSE subject specialists, as these textbooks are tailored to specific exam syllabi, assessed coursework and examinations.

What support is on offer?

A network of home educating families offering mutual support, contact, friendship, information and ....
- Special classes for those with different skills, experience and aspiration – up to GCSE examination level
- Enrichment activities including art, drama, music and sport
- Funded resources purchased both directly for young people and via our Resources Centre
- Access to advice and specialist support (particularly useful if you have a child with special needs)
- Entry and preparation for public exams
Other support measures may be possible by agreement (contact the Programme Manager)

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