I have several children, but only want to register one with PLACE. Is this OK?

You can register as many or as few children as you like. You would be registering your child and not your family. However, only registered children will attract and can benefit from the PLACE funding available. It is occasionally possible for an un-registered sibling to attend an event or activity when there are spaces available, but he or she would be charged at the full, unsubsidised cost.

How old does my child need to be to register for PLACE funding?

Parents of children aged 4-16 (compulsory full-time education age up to Year 11) can apply to register them with the PLACE Programme. Currently (2019), only families who are resident in Bedford Borough may apply to register their youngsters with PLACE.  Bedford Borough youngsters who wish to join PLACE have to be registered by their home educating parents on the Bedford Borough EHE register. Once registration has been applied for, PLACE youngsters are “dual registered” on Bedford Borough's EHE register and with the PLACE Programme.

Why is it necessary to keep a record of children’s attendances?

The funding that is accessed via PLACE’s partner school, BISSC, that is used to support home education within the PLACE Programme, is strictly regulated. We can have access to it provided we ensure that we fall within current educational legislation. Current attendance requirements state that PLACE children have to be coded twice a day, morning and afternoon, with the appropriate attendance codes. In practice, this means that PLACE parents need to keep daily records to confirm that their children are “available for learning” twice a day for 40 weeks of the year. Attendance codes are then submitted electronically at the end of each week on a Friday afternoon/evening.

However, there is flexibility about when, where and how PLACE youngsters engage in learning, as there is with any EHE children.

Where can I get a PLACE application form?

Please contact the PLACE Programme Manager in order to find out more about registering your youngsters with PLACE. The PLACE Programme is a provision commissioned by Bedford Borough Local Authority and is managed through our partner school, BISSC. Electively home educating parents “opt in” to the scheme, that is, they actively choose to register with PLACE because they want to access the programme, its enrichment activities and or specialist GCSE and examination support. Prior to formal registration with PLACE, all new registrants/parents are required to complete an eight-week trial period. The aim of this trial period is to make sure that the scheme is indeed what is being sought and wanted by new parents for their home-educated youngsters and, of course, to ensure that scheme requirements are being followed by new parents prior to formal registration.

Can I use the same form to register all of my children?

No. You need a separate form for each child you wish to register

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