What is PLACE
What is the Local Authority Policy on Home Education

Please follow the link below for Bedford Borough's policy

Bedford Borough Elective Home Education Policy


Whose idea was PLACE?

Prior to 2004, Bedford Home Educators (BHE), a large, busy and thriving group of local home educators, had no funding at all! In 2002, Mike Berrill, at that time the Principal of Biddenham Upper School and Community Sports College, contacted BHE and suggested the creation of a partnership to fund aspects of local HE. At a subsequent meeting to discuss funding, it was agreed by a group of BHE parents to pursue school funding for their children’s education, as well as seeking funding from other sources. The “BUSHE” (Biddenham Upper School Home Educators) scheme began in 2004 and, eventually, became the FSES-HE scheme (2006); the PLACE Project (2009); finally the PLACE Programme was the outcome in 2011. At its inception in 2004, the relationship between Bedford Home Educators and Biddenham Upper School was an exploratory partnership between the school and HE

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