The Art of Gardening

Just a few miles outside Bedford near the village of Stevington is Kathy Brown’s Garden. The garden is built around a nineteenth century manor house, with the design of the  surrounding gardens being inspired by the work of some of the great artists of the last two centuries – Hepworth, Monet, Mondrian, et al.

So what better PLACE for our GCSE art students to seek inspiration; and to this end we spent a morning at the gardens with Kathy herself hosting the event.

Kathy with some of our GCSE students


A view of the manor house

Of course not everyone was fully engaged by the link between art and gardening… some were more interested in a tickle under the chin and relaxing in the gorgeous sunshine.

Ashleigh (student) with Pandora (resident dog)

So many thanks to Kathy for looking after us today and giving us insights into how her love of art has fed into the creation of her beautiful garden.