Chris Puleston

One of the things we are trying to do with PLACE music is to give our youngsters as diverse and accessible a musical experience as possible and to encourage them to feel that they can all find something in music to enjoy and with which to get involved.

To this end, our music tutor Debbie Milton invited multi-instrumentalist Chris Puleston along to one of our sessions. Chris is nothing if not diverse – when did you last see a sitar, didgeridoo and Tibetan singing bowl all on the same bill? 

This was such an exciting session for our youngsters, with Chris demonstrating instruments and music from across many cultures.  Chris is a wonderful entertainer who demonstrated a great rapport with his young audience and got  everyone fired up and actively engaged!

Have a look at the little videos below to see Chris and the PLACE kids (and some mums!) in action.

And as a bonus, a few photos of our session …