Balloon Pianos

As you may know, we have been following a musical theme this term and have worked with guitars, drums and ocarinas – but this week things got a bit weird … starting with the balloon piano!

This strange instrument was brought to us by Professor Mike Roberts from the GuildHall School of Music – and long standing PLACE parent.  Mike led a totally absorbing session in which we got a taste for how technology can contribute to the creation of music.

So, back to the balloon piano – or what happens when  a whole bunch of technology meets some balloons (and magic string).  You really had to be there – but here is a taste of what happened…

Freed from the idea of a keyboard as a line of black and white keys, PLACE youngsters set about creating their own unconventional keyboards:

Mike helps Oskar with a tricky beetle keyboard

We did so much during this session – but another standout was a chance to use Phono Paper – how does it work?  Do a drawing, then use an app to convert the image to sound. 

Drawing some sounds using Phono Paper

Music technology also has a well established set of tools available for the iPad, and Mike brought along some tablets so we could have a go:-

Playing the guitar using Apple’s “Garage Band” app.