Djembe and didgeridoos

New term – new theme – music! 

As well as an art in its own right, music adds so much richness and pleasure to many of our everyday experiences: movies, TV, theatre, computer games, ringtones, ‘on hold’ (okay, perhaps not that one) – but it’s hard to imagine a world without music, so, this week, PLACE families came together to try and make music themselves – from scratch.

Taking the lead in  our music making was Chris Puleston, a musician and teacher specialising in world music. Chris brought along a range of percussion instruments, including African djembe drums, didgeridoos and a host of other instruments from all around the world … and, before long, we were making music – here we are in action.

It was such fun and Chris was such a great teacher – if you get the chance, try it!

Browse the gallery below to see a little more of our music making.