Making Waves

Alert readers will recall that this term’s theme is ‘the sea’!  Here in land-locked Bedford accessing the sea can be a bit of a challenge – so what better way to try and create all the drama and excitement of the sea than through an arts workshop especially designed by our Arts Award co-ordinator, Paul Nicholson.

The inspiration for the workshop was The Great Wave, a print by the nineteenth-century Japanese master, Hokusai.

The Great Wave by Katsushika Hokusai

PLACE youngsters tried to follow in the  footsteps of the master by copying and painting a giant version of the print.

The images  below show the process of tracing segments of the drawing from a projected image of the original and then coloring and assembling the final work.

Tracing segments of the image…

Painting the segments…

Completed segments assembled into the final work.


Well done everyone – the great master would be proud.


You can see more of the day’s work in our gallery below.