Birmingham Thinktank

Our visit to Birmingham’s “Thinktank” Science Museum really was an action-packed day!  During our stay, we flew through the vastness of space in the Planetarium, learnt about energy in a special “Energy Show”, controlled a robot and electrocuted a parent-teacher (only a little bit) … as well as having fun in the outdoor lab.

Here are some highlights of our visit.

The human battery – a really amazing demonstration of how a chain of human bodies can generate enough electricity to light a fluorescent tube.

No, not a scene from Terminator but one of the most popular exhibits with PLACE youngsters (and parents!), who got to control the robot, animating it with speech and movement.

This is the very dangerous conservation of energy demonstration – if you have a cannon ball hanging from a piece of string, why not try this at home – or you can watch it here (demonstrated  by famous physicist Walter Lewin).

More highlights from our visit …