On Safari

West Midlands Safari Park is an award-winning conservation and education centre.  This week, PLACE families set off to the Park to learn about some of the important conservation work carried out there.

As well meeting some of the animals in the education centre, PLACE learners also had a Ranger-guided tour of the Safari park to meet some of the larger animals close-up.

In the Education Centre

In the centre, youngsters also had a chance to handle some of the animals living at the Safari Park …

Giant snail encounter


Much of the Park’s work centres on conservation.  Here, PLACE youngsters examine the pelt of a rare Arctic fox killed for its fur.

With an interesting and informative commentary from our Safari Ranger, we hit the road and encountered some of the Park’s larger residents – including giraffes and camels very happy to have lunch with visiting humans…

Our thanks go to all the Park staff who worked so hard to make this such an exciting, thought-provoking and memorable visit.