Play in a Day

As part of  our summer drama activities, a company called “Splats” came to work with those of our PLACE youngsters who have been engaging in our weekly Drama courses as well as other interested PLACE families.

“Splats” offer “Play in a Day” workshops that allow learners to produce – from scratch – edited versions  of great plays – in a day!  

For our participants this week, it was the beautiful “Midsummer Night’s Dream”…

‘On a Midsummer’s night, four young lovers find themselves wrapped in the dream-like arms of an enchanted forest where sprites lurk and fairies rule.  While a feuding Fairy King and Queen are at war, their paths are crossed by Bottom, Quince and their friends presenting a play within a play.  Chief mischief-maker Puck is on-hand to ensure that the course of true love is anything but smooth, and games of fantasy, love and dreams ensue in Shakespeare’s most beguiling comedy.’ 

Our Splats workshop was one of the best we have ever had for PLACE youngsters, and our sincere thanks must go first to the talented workshop leader, Johannes, who, through his energy and enthusiasm, inspired our youngsters to give of their best and stay focused all day.  

Thanks also to the stalwart PLACE parents who volunteered to stay and assist at the event and – finally – thanks to our youngsters, who gave us such a wonderful performance!

Here is a short video of Johannes and the kids in action followed by a gallery of some images from their performance.

Browse our gallery to see more “Dream”ing.