Hazard Alley

Hazard Alley’ was the first purpose-built, safety education centre in the UK and has been designed to give children a unique and interactive learning experience.  During their afternoon visit, PLACE families toured the Centre’s ‘life size’ village, where young PLACE people encountered a range of ‘hazards’ that gave them the opportunity to develop vital knowledge and strategies on how to stay safe.   Safety issues examined during the tour included safety in the home, online safety, water safety, railway safety, road safety, building-site safety – and much, much more.

Please have a look at just some of what our PLACE youngsters were able to experience.

“Stop, Look and Listen” – for track-side safety

Car Safety – can you spot what’s wrong in this car?

Water side safety – there is obviously someone in trouble in the water – but what could possibly go wrong when you are out fishing?

And if things do go wrong, knowing first response first-aid can literally be a life saver!

Safety on the building site – PLACE youngsters learning about hazards in a realistic work setting

Planning a safe walking route