London Canal Museum

Today, there is much talk of infrastructure development, such as HS2 and  Heathrow’s second runway but, back in the 18th century, the big infrastructure development was the canal.  The creation of the canal network did much to support the early days of the industrial revolution and, this week, PLACE families set off to the London Canal Museum to get a taste of canal life first hand.

2017-03-29 10.31.25

A little background on the history of canals from Cathy, one of the Museum’s staff.


2017-03-29 11.29.34

A canal side lesson from Charlie, an enthusiastic helper at the museum


2017-03-29 11.32.19

And here we are aboard the Angel en route for Islington Tunnel…


2017-03-29 12.28.38

Here we are in the tunnel.  Before canals boats were motorised, men had to lie on their backs and push with  their feet – you just couldn’t get a horse down here…