Stone & Iron Inventions

Out theme this term is “Inventions”, so we started by revisiting the Stone and Iron ages and looked at some of humanity’s most important early inventions – housing, tool making and grinding corn for flour.

To help with this, we were visited by “Make Your Own History” who helped PLACE families construct a Stone-Age dwelling, create Stone-Age tools and grind corn (the hard way).

Here are some of the highlights of our day.


Detached, 1 bedroom,  sleeps 33.   A desirable residence in the Iron-Age and – yes!  All 33 of us could fit inside – cosy.


Using a simple hand drill



Rome may not have been built in a day – but with everyone joining in, we did manage Stonehenge…



Flint knapping – the ancient skill of making tools from flint.  Gloves and goggles were of course a much later invention – how did they manage?



Grinding corn using a quern and handstone.