Hatfield House

This week, PLACE families travelled back in time to the court of Henry VIII at Hatfield House.  Henry’s last wife, Catherine Parr, was also in attendance, in addition to his court musician and one of his archers.

A gift for the King

A gift for the King.  Well, you know what he’s like – best to keep on his  good side…



Katherine Parr addresses some of the King’s subjects



The court musician singing with a group of PLACE youngsters.  They were singing in harmony, having learnt their parts before the visit.  A really beautiful sound.  Thanks to Hazel for all the the work that was done preparing for this.



It wasn’t just the King who was scary-  this archer could fire 15 arrows per minute.


Before  meeting one of the scariest monarchs in our history, we had a relaxing craft session at Pots of Art based at Hatfield house.  Have a look at our gallery to see PLACE youngsters being creative with pottery and paint.