Celtic Harmony

Celtic Harmony Camp is an award-winning charity that has provided 17 years of hands-on educational experiences within a real Iron Age settlement.  The centre is proud of its record of cultural heritage education about ancient Britain that increases participants’ understanding of the natural world and helps to create a more sustainable way of life for future generations.

This week a group of some 50 PLACE parents and youngsters visited the camp to experience life in Iron Age Britain.  Then, as now, it wasn’t all about life’s essentials – food, clothing and shelter – but also about the finer things of life, e.g., fabrics and dyes, jewellery, soothing beverages and perfumes (yes,they didn’t like being smelly either).

Have a look at our gallery below to see PLACE youngsters trying their hands at bread making; dying; weaving and flour making, all in an authentic iron-age setting.