Florence and Pisa

To round off this term’s theme of  “Homes Through the Ages” we thought we would see how the other half live used to live and visit the Pallazos of renaissance Florence.  A group of some 50 parents and youngsters visited this world heritage site and experienced first hand the splendour of the city’s ancient buildings.

On our way to Florence, we stopped off at nearby Pisa just to take in the tower …

2016-03-29 14.13.52

No, not dodgy camera work but the famous leaning tower. In the foreground is our lovely Italian guide.


2016-04-01 09.35.57

Some of the group outside our hotel, a converted 18th-century villa, a taste of how rich Florentines once lived


2016-03-31 12.15.28

In Florence our guide was Merlene – here she is showing the group around the house of the renaissance merchant Davanzati.


2016-04-01 11.19.55

Here is the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) – it used to be the home and workplace of Florentine butchers but now it’s occupied by up-scale jewellery shops…


…and before we left Italy, we stopped off at the beautiful beach resort of Viareggio for lunch and a paddle …

2016-04-02 13.14.44

Lunch in Viareggio at one of its great seafood restaurants


2016-04-02 12.12.16

Just time for a quick paddle before setting off back to the UK after our wonderful Italian adventure,