The Theatre of Widdershins

Andy and Penny Earey, who run the Widdershins Puppet Company, are ex-PLACE parents who had two home-educated youngsters registered with PLACE for many years.  We have been fortunate enough to have had all sorts of input from Widdershins in the past, including fabulous workshops and showings of several of their highly entertaining puppet shows.  Think not of “Punch and Judy” – Andy’s shows are full of drama, showmanship, true artistic innovation and wonderful, specially composed music.

Andy makes all of his own props and puppets from beginning to completion; invents scripts and always includes some original musical compositions as part of his unique shows.  Andy’s performances are truly engaging for all ages and never fail to delight and surprise – they are a highly entertaining and amusing experience for all, adults and children alike.

Widdershins returns frequently to provide an outstanding theatrical experience for PLACE youngsters:  on their latest visit, they took us into the magical world of – porridge!

Today's Menu


Master Chef

Master Chef

Stone Soup

… and now for some stone soup – yum(?)

The End

Andy’s helpers bring the show to and end

After the show we had our Bronze Arts award ceremony, at which Andy presented certificates to our successful candidates. .

Arts Award

Arts Award Success!