Coding Workshop

Following the  government backed “Year of Code initiative, PLACE families came together to start learning the basics of computer programming using a language called “Scratch“.  Scratch is a highly visual language suitable for very young coders and, at our workshop, we had some thirty 5-11 year olds, all eager to cut some code.

The workshop was delivered by Computer Explorers and, as well as providing lots of hands-on experience for the youngsters, the session gave some of the parents a chance to learn with their children.


Workshop in full swing

This session was very much an ice breaker and families will now have the confidence to go on and explore Scratch for themselves using the free online resources.

Code Mums

Code Mums

Coding not only gives an insight into the workings of software that we all use everyday but also develops analytical skills that are applicable across a wide range of subject areas, not just computer science.

… and after the workshop some of us had an itch they just had to Scratch …


Izzy at home – coding