The Committee

The PLACE Programme and, before PLACE, our earlier home-education groups over a time-span of some 31 years (The PLACE Project, FSES-HE, BUSHE, BHE, Bedford Education Otherwise and Bedfordshire Education Otherwise), have all relied on the efforts and goodwill of parents in our group in order to operate smoothly and to give all of our PLACE children the best possible educational opportunities and experiences we can muster. Mutual support, cooperative organisation of outings and activities and sharing of tasks, resources and ideas have always been fundamental to our PLACE home-education programmes, past and present.

Please see the  PLACE Committee Leaflet for a more detailed look at the work of the committee.

PLACE Committee Nomination Form 2019

Agenda Items

Please note that agenda items must be submitted to the secretary at least a week in advance of a scheduled meeting, either by post or hand:-

Attn PLACE Committee Secretary
190 Putnoe Street Bedford MK41 8HG

The email address for agenda items is: secretary@place-programme.org


If any PLACE parents, youngsters or tutors have a great suggestion, please print a copy of the form below (a hard copy is available from 190 Putnoe St) and drop it into the suggestion box next to the PLACE office.


Committee Members

juneJune McDonald

Home-education organiser in Bedfordshire since 1987; Bedfordshire Co-ordinator Education Otherwise for over fourteen years; Education Otherwise member since 1987; of HEAS since its inception; founder/Chairman Bedford Home Educators; PLACE Programme co-ordinator since the link with PLACE’s partner school/LA was first established. Home educated three of her children, two of whom were able to register with PLACE for GCSE support.

Marian Vaughn

Marian Vaughan has consistently been elected by PLACE families as Committee Treasurer since Bedford Home Educators was first established in 1999.

Julie Woolerson


Shazia Jawaid
Committee Member and Safeguarding Monitor


Wendy Hurll
Committee Member



Jackie Davies
Committee Member


Wini Thomas
Committee Member
Safeguarding Officer

Lucy Grogan
Committee Member


Cornelia Mtonga
Committee Member



Committee Meetings
Committee meetings

  • Friday 6th July 2018 1.45pm
  • Friday 5th October 2018 1.45pm
  • Friday 11th January 2019 1.45pm
  • Friday 26th April 2019 1.45pm
  • Tuesday16th July 2019 time:tbc.

All meetings are at the PLACE centre , 190 Putnoe Street.

Please note that agenda items must be submitted to the secretary at least a week in advance of the meeting.